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Jennifer - Emma @ Aperture Addict 

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About Us

Thank you God for this beautiful blessin

Hi! My name is Jennifer and I am the CEO of Glamour Brows. Throughout the years I have had my share of different work experiences and always found myself wanting more than just your regular desk job. I finished university with a diploma in Broadcasting and I also have a diploma in Marketing.


I chose to venture out into the Permanent Makeup Industry because not only did I have little hair on my eyebrows and eyelashes myself - I also love that it can cut down on my morning routine and I can be healthier in my own skin without daily makeup. 


I have a combination of over 15 certifications in Permanent Makeup, Lash Extensions & Brow Lamination techniques.

We are also fully Licensed, Insured & AHS Approved.

As your Beauty Expert, I want to make each and every girl feel their best. My job is to make sure that you can walk out there happy with an extra boost of confidence and of course... make your morning routine that much easier. :)

Mary Kate
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Hello! My name is Mary Kate and I am one of the Eyelash Technicians with Glamour Brows. As a full-time student currently studying Communications at Mount Royal University, it was hard to find a job that works well with my schedule. I’ve always loved getting my eyelashes done myself, and I thought it would be perfect to be part of a business as an eyelash tech. It was the best option for me as I can work on my own time and it won’t interfere with school.

I’ve always had the love for makeup and beauty. Many know me as being a singer/songwriter. I was exposed to it at a very young age, being a performer, you always needed to have stage makeup on. It was a fun way to show your creativity. When doing my makeup eyelashes were the most important part to a look, it opens up the eyes and enhances the makeup look. 

I am certified under Elite Lash Society's program for Classic Lash Extensions. As an eyelash tech, I want you to be at ease when it comes to your lashes. No more mascara and no more eyelash curler. Have short lashes, and want them longer and curlier? Have long lashes that aren’t curly enough? I got you! Wake up and be effortlessly beautiful by enhancing your eyes with eyelash extensions.

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