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Lash Extensions might not be for everyone, but that shouldn't leave you LASH-LESS! We have created CUSTOM STRIP LASHES that can be made according to your preference of style, length and curl. It is like your lash extensions but in FALSIES form!

$40 HYBRID/LIGHT VOLUME          $50 VOLUME          $60 MEGA VOLUME

All custom lashes are made to order, please anticipate 5 - 7 days for your order to be complete. 
Include in your order form the following:
1) Set Type - (Hybrid, Light Volume, Volume or Mega Volume)
2) Style/Lash Shape - (Below are some of the most popular choices
or send us a photo of your favorite style)
a) Doll Eye
b) Cat Eye
c) Kitten Eye
3) Lash Curl - Choose between C curl (more natural) 
or D curl (slightly dramatic/more curve)
4) Lash Length(s) - if you are unsure, we can discuss this together!
5) Send your order in - to our form below or through our Instagram (@glamourbrowsyyc)
6) Confirmation - We will be in contact with you to confirm your order & payment! 

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