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#MeetTheGBTeam - Jennifer

We usually showcase the art of our services, but rarely do we showcase the behind the scenes. Get ready to #MeetTheGBTeam! I am Jennifer and welcome to Glamour Brows. I had this dream of one day having my own business and on October 2018, Glamour Brows was born.

It started when I decided that I wasn't happy with the current job I was in. The environment of my last job had become toxic. I was tired of the management team treating their employees poorly and not being fair. That is when I started looking for other options, other jobs, possibility of going back to school, etc. I was scrolling though my Instagram one day, and I came across a before & after photo of some eyebrows. I had been following the Permanent Beauty by Lili page for a long time and was always inspired by how she created brows that looked incredibly realistic. But this post was different than the rest, Lili had wrote in her caption that she was getting ready to teach her very first class.

A light had sparked in my heart & right then I knew that I wanted to take her class! I registered and had my first class about nano brows on April 2018. Ever since that class, I was determined to make my own business out of it. The process took a few months, but by October 2018, I had opened my doors to Glamour Brows. I am a home-based business, but it was the best start to my new adventure.

Fast forward to today, I have gone back and taken some more courses to add to my skills. I also took on advanced brow courses, eyelash extensions, lip blush and eyeliner! I have met some inspiring women bosses who are also in the industry who continue to push me to work harder.

My dream has only begun. I know there will be ups and downs throughout this journey, but I know I will continue to pursue it and build it into a successful reality!

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