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A Luxurious but Comfortable Experience - Glamour Brows YYC Clientele Spotlight

“The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers."

A well-put quote that shows how clientele is important to a business. After being in business for just over a year and a half, we are so grateful to create new relationships with all of our clients. Whether it be a one-time visit or a regular, our clients are the primary source of our success.

For most of us in the beauty industry it’s not just the job that we like, but the people that walk through our doors. This time around we wanted to highlight our clients, so we talked to a one whose been with Glamour Brows from the very beginning.

Julienne Singson first stepped into our beauty studio before opening in 2018 as a model for Eyelash Extensions. Her patience during that four-hour Classic Eyelash Extension model training deserved to be recognized because it has led us to huge amounts of success. During our interview we asked questions where she gave valuable insights on her experience and what others can expect when they come in.


Q: What made you come to glamour brows?

A: If I’m being honest, I only really trust this company to come close to my eyes and work on my lashes. Other than that, this company has a strong corporate social responsibility that I advocate for, and they are one of the few that follows through with it. Some businesses only care about the money, not about their clients and it shows through their work too. What I love about Glamour Brows is that their prices are very reasonable and that they care for their clients wants/needs. They strive to provide the best services and experiences so their clients can feel welcomed and comfortable.

Q: What was your application process experience like?

A: I first tried out Classic Eyelash extensions but thought it was too sparse, then tried out volume, but felt like it was too heavy for my eyes. I then decided to try out Hybrid lashes and found that it was a great in between and works well for my eyes.

During my appointment, I felt very comfortable. Throughout the process, I am usually awake and talking with my lash tech. What is really great about Glamour Brows is that they make each and everyone one of their clients feel special and welcomed. Not only do I think of these women as my lash technician, I also see them as a friend whom I know I can trust. Over the last year and a half, I have created a very stable and healthy relationship with my lash technician.

Q: Why or what made you get eyelash extensions?

A: It Is more so the efficiency of getting ready in the morning. I work early in the mornings and I also am in school, so being able to skip that one hard part of makeup routine makes it so much easier for me. I’ve always worn lash strips prior to getting lash extension and I realized that they make my eyes look awake and open, and that is another reason as to why I wanted to get them.

Q: How did you find the aftercare/maintenance for lashes was like?

A: For me, I followed the aftercare Glamour Brows provided me with. At first, since I was a new client to lash extensions, I was nervous. However, as long as you followed the proper precautions and after care procedures, your lashes will stay on for about two to three weeks before needing a fill – a two to three-week fill is where I am situated at. I also figured out a way that works best for my routine that is wearing goggles, and honestly, it’s been a life saver for me.

Q: What type of difference did eyelash extensions make for you on your personal life, everyday life?

A: Personally, it makes me feel more confident in myself. Going back to the efficiency of the lashes, I can just put on concealer and go without worrying about anything else. I feel as though I can get things done as I have the confidence to do so.

Q: What would you tell others who are afraid or cautious on getting eyelash extensions?

A: I believe Glamour Brows is a good example of a successful small business who cares and puts a huge effort towards their customers. Whether you are an old or new customer, you will still feel comfortable with them as they have outgoing and sweet personalities. Glamour Brows makes sure that you are satisfied with what you want and will talk you through your consultation until you feel the content. I was scared of getting lash extensions at first, but with this company I feel as though I can depend on their services and their work.

Q: What would you tell those who are unaware of Glamour Brows and what they do?

A: I think Jennifer and Mary Kate go above and beyond with every customer they encounter. Despite them only being the two employees of the company, they strive to provide the best services and advice for their lashes, brows or any service in permanent makeup. They are very involved with their clients even after their appointment by showing their end results through their social media, producing giveaways, and using throwback pictures to showcase previous clients. Glamour Brows makes me feel confident and pretty in my own skin, and I know they can do the same for others. I am very excited to see where this company goes through, and only hope for positive results. I am already excited to go back!

Written By: Mary Kate Aquino

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