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Eyelash Extensions Damages my Natural Lashes! Breaking the Myth.

What’s not to love about having long, luscious and full eyelashes? The idea of having that extra time of your day to yourself and feeling as if your look is effortless, it’s a dream. It can be a hassle to wake up every day constantly curling and coating your lashes, when you can get extensions that don’t need to be touched for weeks on end. Having falsies just brightens up your eyes, and it’s an easy process to take care of. Sometimes, it can make you feel more confident wearing no makeup and only having extensions on.

Most women fall head-over-heels for lash extensions and that’s amazing! But there are women out there who are hesitant on getting them- and that’s okay!

We have gotten so many concerns about Eyelash Extensions such as "Will it damage my natural lashes?” or “I heard that if you have lash extensions, it can lead to hair loss."

Today, I want to break that myth. Eyelash extensions are a two-person maintenance process, it is between yourself and your lash technician. Everyone should get the opportunity to try out eyelash extension, even if it’s just once. With proper application, aftercare and lash-do’s and don’ts, let’s go more in depth to break the myth that Eyelash Extensions do not damage your natural lashes.

Proper Application and Understanding Which Length and Style Works Best:

As a lash technician, it is vital you understand the process of applying lash extensions. You’re working so closely to someone’s eye; it is important to take proper precautions prior to and after applying lash extensions. If you are a certified eyelash technician, this is something you’ve already learnt in training, and yes, this should be taken seriously.

I have encountered many types of eyelash lengths, curls, and eye shapes as an eyelash technician and I always take this into consideration before applying anything to my client’s eyes. There are many clients out there who will want long lashes that are full and voluminous, and it will be hard to achieve when their lashes are naturally shorter, and thin. But we have to work with what we got.

Prior to applying any fans or lashes to my client’s natural lashes, I always try to explain to them my opinion on length and style as well. There are three things that I mention to my clients first:

  • Lashes come in all shapes.

  • They come in different sizes

  • There are different diameters, which is important to note for each client as each person has different eyelashes.

In most cases, I try to go two to three millimetres longer than my client’s lashes, this will ensure that the lashes still look like extensions but aren’t too long that it will cause the extensions to fall out causing unwanted damage.

Understanding diameter is important as well. The bigger the diameter, the heavier it gets. The heavier it is, premature shedding can occur. A classic set only uses 0.10 to 0.15 diameter in thickness because our natural lashes can only carry so much until it becomes brittle and breaks down. If you’re wanting to a volume or mega volume set, diameters measuring from 0.05 to 0.07 is perfect because more lashes can be added to the natural lash equalling out to the same weight it would be on a classic set.

Proper application of the eyelash extension to the natural eyelash is important. Understanding how to “wrap” the eyelash extension to the natural lash can make or break your client’s lashes. Applying the lash to the skin, not only causes damage to the eyelash itself, but can cause irritation to the client’s skin. Adding too much glue can not only make it harder for the lash extensions to fall out, but will thin out the natural lash and can cause irritation to the client’s eyes. Some glues have strong fumes, which causes allergic reactions making clients want to rub their eyes more often.

As tough as it is to swallow the pill, there are some lash technicians out there that will poorly apply your eyelash extensions without considering the length, diameter and technique of the application of the extension to the eye. This is why rumours can spread about women’s natural eyelashes being damaged.

Aftercare: How Can You Prevent Your Natural Lashes From Getting Damaged.

Like I mentioned earlier, in order to maintain full and healthy natural lashes, it is both the lash technician and the client to work together to make sure this happens. So, what can you do to make sure that your natural lashes stay healthy? Here are our top three tips to making sure your lashes do not get damaged:

  1. Avoid steam or wetting your face for 24-48 hours. This allows the glue to fully set and to make sure that water particles don’t interact with the glue.

  2. Avoid rubbing the eyes, using oil-based products, and picking/pulling at your lash extensions. Rubbing your eyes causes friction and may result in some lashes coming out. Picking/pulling and rubbing your lashes are almost the same thing, the harder you pull/rub at your lashes, your natural lashes will fall out because it is getting pulled by t he root.

  3. Do NOT wear mascara. Wearing mascara not only causes your lash extensions to stick together, but you may also not be cleaning all the product off when washing your face. Mascara particles can go in between your natural lashes and wear the lash extensions are glued. If this is not cleaned properly, it could lead to infection.

These three steps are crucial, and it is always mentioned to our clients at every appointment. According to BYRDIE (2020), other ways clients can do to prevent premature breakage is to:

  • Avoid using an eyelash curler because this can cause you to pull on your natural lashes.

  • Try to sleep on your back & use a sleeping mask. If you’re a stomach-sleeper, a great alternative is to start sleeping on your sides. This makes sure that you aren’t ruining your lashes while in your sleep.

  • Do not stand under the shower-head for too long. The weight of the water can cause heaviness and premature damage to your lashes.

  • Do not remove eyelash extensions yourself. Every time you pull on an eyelash extension, you are also pulling on your natural lashes. Like the saying “the more you pluck your brows, the hairs will thin out or not grow back.” The same goes for your eyelash hairs.

The client must be able to maintain eyelash extensions properly. If taken seriously, you will understand that taking care of this little hairs are actually fairly easy when followed correctly.

The Final Takeaway:

Damaged natural lashes can be played from both your lash technician and you. If the application and maintenance process is not properly looked upon, it can cause loss to your natural lashes. There are ways to make sure that your natural eyelashes are not brittle. Serums which can be bought can strengthen your natural lashes at the same time keep your extensions in place. Products like LIAISON LASH BOND can do the deed.

If you are noticing damage or anything out of the norm, talk to your lash technician to see what ways it can be improved and to help find the solution that is causing it. Whether it be your aftercare, or the technique of application, lash extensions should not damage natural lashes unless maintained improperly.

Written By: Mary Kate Aquino



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Lucy Gutierrez
Lucy Gutierrez
Jan 03, 2022

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