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Everything You Need to Know About Brow Lamination - The Process, the Experience and the Maintenance

Every year it seems as if there is a new innovation in the permanent beauty industry. It’s crazy to think that anything can happen now-a-days especially with the help of technology and science. The beauty industry is ever-changing especially with eyebrows. Throughout the years, brows have taken a toll on a woman’s life. Thin brows, to thick and fluffy brows, it can be achieved with the help of innovative technology and science.

Microblading and Brow Tattoo is one thing, but what about laminated brows? A service where you can brush your eyebrow hairs in a certain direction, and have it stay there for the whole day. Pretty cool isn’t it? A service that may seem so imperative, can and will truly make a world of a difference.

Think about it, what more could be better than semi-permanent eyebrow gel that last four to eight weeks and all you have to do is brush and go? The process – interesting, but simple and quick. I had the opportunity to try it out myself and understand the process during those weeks I had it on. It was convenient for sure, and I never knew my brows could look so full and fluffy without makeup. I was shocked at first to say the least. I didn’t know I had that much hair on my brows, I almost thought it was impossible for my eyebrow hairs to look like that. But, it’s amazing, a three-step process, but the results were crazy! Here’s how it went down:

The Process

Step One: Lifting

I made sure my brows were clean and free of any makeup by wiping it down with a makeup wipe.

Once that was finished, I applied a skin barrier to the outer areas of my brows where skin could be touched. Next, I applied the first step out of three: Lift. Using a lip brush, I applied the lifting cream to my brows to ensure my hairs were lifted up and pressed down to my skin. Once all hairs were pressed down and lifted, I placed a piece of plastic wrap to my brows to keep them in place for five minutes.

Lifting is the most important step as it is “perming” your eyebrows to stay in that position. This part of the process uses a chemical reaction to break down the bonds of the hairs and allow for you to move it in any direction you would like. One downside to this step is the smell that the lifting solution gives off – it literally smells like you’re perming your hair. Although it is a strong smell, it goes away in a few minutes.

Step Two: Laminate

This second step is fairly simple. Much like step one, by using the laminating solution and lip brush I apply it to my hairs in an upward direction. I made sure to evenly spread out the solution, so all hairs are getting the same amount of product. Like step one, after the product has been distributed evenly, I take new plastic wrap and place it on my brows for the same amount of time I lifted my brows.

Step two of laminating the brows is a neutralizing cream that helps to “reform the brow hairs into their new shape.” Now that my brows went through the first chemical treatment, I am able to move my hairs freely in any direction that I would like. Depending on the style I am wanting I can create a fluffier-microblade look or a natural, but full look.

Step Three: Set

Home Run, we’ve made it! Once, I got to this step, I knew I didn’t have to wait any longer. After my hairs are brushed in the direction I would like them to be, I am able to set the hairs with the final product. The nourishing oil in the setting solution helps to add moisture and replenishes the brow hairs after the harsh chemical treatment.

Not much is left after this step. Usually, I would clean up around the brows to make sure unwanted hairs are gone and give a final brush through the brows to make sure I am satisfied with the look I am going for.

With all honesty, the process took less than an hour. It was straight to the point and does no hard. As you can see, I am still able to move freely and keep my eyes open, unlike eyelash extensions.

What Happens Next?

Only taking about 45 minutes for the whole process, my brows looked full and fluffy. I knew I didn’t have to wear any brow makeup for the next coming weeks unless I wanted more definition. The healing process however was very simple. For those who have gotten their brows tattooed, the after care for this is a lot less maintenance.

What I really loved about Brow Lamination is that I can brush my hairs in any direction I want, and it will stay that way for the whole day until touched again. As a first time tryer, I would do it again. It took some getting used to, but at the end of the day it did make a huge difference in my makeup routine. I am spending less on products and waking up feeling effortless and beautiful. I’ve learned that after this whole quarantine we went through, I found myself wanting to wear less makeup and find better ways to make me feel like I “tried but didn’t try” – Brow Lamination did just that.

Interested in trying it out?

We have a promotion going on for the month of August! If you book an appointment for any full set of Lash Extensions you can get 50 per cent off Brow Lamination. That’s HALF OFF with regular pricing being at $100. If you’re interested to know more, make sure to contact us.

Written by Mary Kate Aquino

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