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So Many Brow Styles! Which is Best For You?

The biggest question we get when it comes to eyebrows is "What is the difference between all the brow styles?".

Great news! We are going to break it down for you below.

At Glamour Brows, we offer 4 different styles of brows: Nano, Ombre, Combination & Hybrid. Now what is the difference between all these? Each artist may have a different variation of each style but we will explain what each style means to us below!

1. Nano Brows

Nano Brows is our version of the "microbladed look". (For those of you who understand permanent makeup, microblading was the first technique that introduced the world to cosmetic tattoos. Microblading is tattooed hair strokes that are created with a tiny hand blade and pigment).

Nano Brows are fine tattooed hair stokes that are created with a single point needle tattoo machine. This digital machine is specifically designed for cosmetic tattoos. We create fine lines that mimic your natural hair flow. Nano brows can give the illusion of filling sparse areas of the brows giving it that natural look.

Nano Brows can work for everyone - with hair or no hair. This is also a great alternative for those who have done previous microblading and was not able receive great retention.

2. Ombre Brows

Ombre or Powder Brows has definitely taken the world by storm. One of the most popular brow styles in the industry, this look mimics a makeup brow look (usually used with a pencil, powder or pomade). This is a style that has a little bit more definition than the Nano look and also has more retention than any other brow style.

Ombre Brows are a fully shaded in brow - usually with the fronts of the brows fading lightly. Having a fully shaded in brow will create better retention of the brow, causing it last longer from fading. This style is great for those who do like more coverage or a bolder look. It also works best for those with combination to oily skin types. The Ombre brow also works perfectly for cover ups of any previous tattoos/microblading.

The initial session of a Ombre brow appears dark but during the healing process, the brows lighten up about 30%.

3. Combination Brow

This has to be one of our most popular styles at Glamour Brows! It is the perfect combination of hair strokes and shading. As you can tell by it's name, the Combo Brow takes both the Nano and Ombre in it's style. The tail of the eyebrows are perfectly shaded in and the fronts of the eyebrow have tattooed hair strokes. This gives the illusion of a defined brow but with natural fluffy fronts.

The Combination Brow - like the Ombre Brow - is perfect for those who have combination to oily skin types and is great to cover up any previous tattoo. The initial session will also appear dark but during the healing process the brows will lighten up about 30%.

4. Hybrid Brows

Our last eyebrow style that we offer is called, Hybrid Brows. Hybrid Brows are a slightly different version of the combination eyebrow. Many clients also love the Nano Brow look but sometimes the retention is slightly better than Nano - especially if you are more combination or oily skin.

Hybrid Brows follow a very similar look of the Nano Brows. The outline of the Hybrid Brow is all Nano hair strokes. Then the middle part of the brow has added shading to give it more depth and color. Those who may like the Nano brow style but would like just the slightest bit of definition can opt out for the Hybrid look.

Again, each look has it's own little variation and goes towards each client's preference. During your appointment with us, we have a consultation portion where we can take a look at your brows and a quick questionnaire that will help us to determine which eyebrow style fits best with your look and your preference.

If you have any other questions regarding our different eyebrow styles, feel free to contact us!


Glamour Brows

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